Making It Count

I often tell my Seniors to really make it count in those last months of high school. We’ve all been there and despite the complaining about homework, a specific teacher, or the latest drama those days flew by. I remember the beginning of senior year and thinking I had all the time in the world to get my applications done, to spend time with friends, to be a Senior. And then the months passed as quickly as I could turn the pages of the calendar. As a self proclaimed procrastinator (when it matters), time passed so quickly that I almost missed my acceptance deadline at UMASS and had to take the day off of school to drive to the admissions office and pay my deposit. (Made me seem like a great collegiate candidate.) Senior week went by the fastest and was by far the most important to me. It was that last chance to spend time with your classmates before we all went our separate ways. I have fond memories of graduation rehearsal and Erik and I repeating “right, left, right, left” like somehow we forgot how to walk, opening my eighth grade time capsule at the courtyard barbecue, having a ‘few’ around the fire at Mike’s house. It was our time. I definitely felt this way about these last two weeks, prior to to my stem cell transplant. This is my time and I’m going to make it count.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind in relation to time. I tried to sneak every person and every activity possible. So I pretty much ‘ran around like a chicken with their head cut off’ and loved every minute of it. I spent my time laughing with friends and family. I went out to dinner and breakfasts (at my favorite spot where Becky and Maria just know my order) with my high school friends, my work friends, my family, my newly acquired friends, and my fiancee. I basically went out upteenth times, probably gained fifteen pounds, and don’t mind one bit because restaurants are forbidden for 365 days. Aside from eating lots, I also got an opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Art in Boston with my parents where I was able to see Paul Revere mimicking Jack Black (but really the similarities are uncanny).


 I also had the opportunity to go to a painting party where my new family (Josh’s family) got to meet and enjoy my old friends. It was a blast set up by my amazing soon to be sister in law.

It was a great way to end my thirty fourth year, start my thirty fifth and go out on high note for transplant. My birthday fell during my last full week home. It was low key and perfect, especially since I will have re-birthday soon once my stem cell are transplanted and then I will be 20! It was exactly what I needed to get in the right head space for my year of isolated interactions. I have decided to refer to it as isolation for the time being, so I can at the very least pretend it is a part of my foreign policy platform should I ever get involved in politics. (A social experiment of one if you will.) These two weeks went by fast and I certainly made them count!


4 thoughts on “Making It Count”

  1. I may not be with you on Drury hill, but I am always in your corner! Sending you so many healing thoughts and prayers, and lots of positive energy! You are going to rock this! ❤

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