A Letter to the ‘Person’ who Saved My Life

Dear __________________________ (Fill in the blank),

There are truly no words to express my gratitude for what you’ve done for me. At 4:23 yesterday I began receiving my life saving marrow cells. It seemed like I had been waiting, in some form of anticipation (fear) for months, the actual event was anti-climactic but the significance was far from it. I have been tethered, in every sense of the word,to my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for just over three years now. Most of the time in the fashion of IV, but that is truly just the physical manifestation, because in all honesty at times it has been all consuming in ways unimaginable. Today is the beginning of the end of my relationship with my Hodgkins and an opportunity to have a long, happy, and healthy life. You have made that a real possibility for me and I cannot thank you enough.

This life saving material did not arrive in a special conduit nor did it enter the room in an ostentatious way, it was unassuming and selfless. A Chaplain came at the onset to bless the marrow, you, and me. It was a beautiful simple prayer that be God’s will to ultimately allow these cells to save my life. While he was speaking I thought of you, the person who has sacrificed for me, a complete stranger. I also thought of all of you, the ‘people’ who have taken care of, encouraged, supported, and helped me get here along the way. And all of you also deserve my gratitude. When a person is diagnosed with cancer they do not endure it alone. It effects their family, friends, and community and it is a community who takes on the healing. So thank you for being an integral part of that for me!


When the last cell was infused around 8:30, I did not feel differently but yet knew that I would be. I firmly believe that “You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. But you have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you are holding” and right now I’m holding a second chance and I’m going to “play the hell out of it” thanks to you.


With my deepest thanks,



22 thoughts on “A Letter to the ‘Person’ who Saved My Life”

  1. Yay! So grateful for that donor and to be 20 again! hehe you look great. Sending you peace, love and healing everyday. From afar but I hope you can still feel it! XO

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  2. Krista that was both a beautiful tribute and a declaration of the light, love, and strength you have shown throughout this life changing challenge. Good health and best wishes always💜

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  3. Saying a prayer and a special thank you to all donors who selflessly give so others may live! God bless you on this journey to a long, beautiful, love-filled life! ❤

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  4. Your positively glowing! it must be the combo of that spectacular donor and the spectacular you. Giving special thanks to your medical team and special prayers to you.

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  5. Such beautiful words. You are so very special it is only fitting that there was a very special donor out there willing to help. Each day is a day closer to a healthy you. Keep that kick ass attitude Sending healing hugs

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