My Someday Love

So there I was tissues in hand preparing to cry through an episode of This is Us (my new favorite show) when I was completely derailed by Josh. Most evenings he comes home from work, puts his bag down on the old leather recliner, that once belonged to his Grandpa John, in the corner of our living room and walks over kisses me hello and goes about his business. On Tuesday March 7, he didn’t go about business as usual. Instead, he came in the door, dropped the bag onto the chair, walked toward me and dropped to one knee. Jax thought he should join him and got up off of the couch and got to the floor with ‘dad’. In that moment Josh asked me to marry him and spend our lives together. I immediately said yes!! and cried! He leaned in to kiss me and so did Jax, which made up the most perfect moment of my life. There we were…the three of us, as it should be. Josh slipped the most beautiful vintage engagement ring on my finger and said he couldn’t wait to spend our lives together and there it was…I knew I had found my Someday Love. The one that I had always hoped for.


Josh always knew. He claimed I was the ‘one that got away’ in college and now I was his fiancee, making him a very lucky man. I have to say, I may not have known then but I know without a doubt now that I am the lucky one. Josh walked back into my life when most people really would have run in the other direction. And instead of bailing on any of the opportunities I gave him to in the two and a half years we have been back together, he just shrugs me off and says any time we have together is better than ever being apart. It’s hard to balance a relationship while having cancer. I have always struggled with the fact that I may be responsible for his  ultimate heartbreak and not by any choice of my own but at the hands of Hodge. Josh has always said it was too late for that, he was all in. And he is! He even asked my father for permission, which meant a lot to me. I am very close to my parents and that tradition was one I had hoped to have as part of our love story.

Since Tuesday, things have been a whirlwind of excitement and congratulatory statements. My mom and Nancy arrived in our kitchen in their pajamas the night of the engagement and sang “Going to the chapel”. Their excitement made taco engagement night even better! Josh’s parents were equally excited and couldn’t wait to see us in person over the weekend. I was overjoyed to be able to call Josh’s sister and her wife my sisters in law. Halley (Josh’s sister’s wife and I had bonded instantly and became fast friends.) We called Josh’s ninety four year old grandmother because we just couldn’t wait to tell her the happy news. I called Steph right away, but I had suspected she already knew and she did. She had been colluding with Josh to help him find the perfect ring. I am lucky to have Steph, despite that I drive her crazy, she is that friend. The one that can help your fiancee out and keep the secret (no matter how hard I tried to get her to tell me), the one that you share your secret pintrest boards and she is suddenly heart happy that you have a secret princess/ hopeless romantic side that you have been denying for years. Now I can look forward to planning our wedding in two years. I have plenty of time during my transplant recovery period to think about it (and a fancy new wedding planner thanks to Sarah and Halley to plan it in).

I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life with Josh and Jax. March 7 has now changed my life instantaneously twice. Once with my cancer diagnosis and now with my engagement. Both prove how important it is to cherish the moments of your life that matter! ❤


8 thoughts on “My Someday Love”

  1. Krista and Josh – I was late to the fabulous news, but Gerry and I couldn’t be happier for you! Sending you our congratulations and best wishes always. Love conquers all!!

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