Life in General

WordPress sent me a happy anniversary message earlier this week and got me to thinking about why I started writing this. And well a year ago, I started writing this to chronicle my unexpected adventure with my cancer, to update my friends and family on the ever changing landscape that is actually living with cancer, and as a way to sort out my own feelings surrounding my diagnosis and somewhat ‘forced’ new approach to life. Somewhere along the way, I have come to the awkward realization that this blog is not about my cancer, it is about my life in general and that is exactly how it should be. I used to think that life could be uncomplicated by keeping it compartmentalized – your personal life, your professional life, your love life, and in my case my cancerous life. But that’s not possible, nor could it ever be and if it was, it would be far too difficult to manage. Everything about life is messy and spills into another. It is what makes it exciting, unpredictable, sometimes tragic, and often beautiful. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life in general and how fortunate I am to have this one. Some people think that I must be crazy to feel this way, especially considering the fact that I have a potentially life threatening illness and well maybe I am a little crazy. But having the opportunity to live a life that you love regardless of that fact has made me appreciate it so much more. It has given me the chance to reflect on so many things and take chances that two years ago I would have walked away from simply because I could or was too busy with my career to even entertain. Now I find ways to blend all the parts of my life into one, one messy canvas that paints the picture of my family, friends, adventures, achievements, laughs, disappointments, sorrows, embarrassing moments, and even the mundane day to day. I guess what I’ve learned in the past year about my life in general and everyone else’s life is that it’s fast and furious and yours. So take a chance, jump in the deep end so to speak (this week is a good time for it considering the high temps and humidity index).


6 thoughts on “Life in General”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this very thing lately. Life is so fast. I remember when I was a child that we always had so much time together as a family. Time for friends. The days seemed endless. And now I’m struggling to fit in a bedtime story at the end of the day. Gosh, how did this happen? Slowing life down is hard but I am making a sincere effort to do just that. Phones down, tv off..let’s play!

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    1. Play time is always better and I definitely think better for you! And hopefully we can try to fit some time in before the end of summer to see each other. I know we say it a lot but maybe we need to check calendars and make it happen! ❤


  2. Krista I wish more people could have your attitude towards life and living……you are precious and deserve all the best that life has to offer. You have learned to always take the time to stop and smell the roses…..or throw a ball to your dog ❤


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