Pet Peeves

I may be one of those people who has a whole slew of pet peeves, most of which are completely arbitrary or even idiosyncratic. For example, heavy breathers have always plagued me. It becomes a deafening sound in my head; so annoying to me in fact that I actually broke up with a perfectly wonderful guy when I was younger because I just couldn’t take his heavy breathing any longer and clearly because I am absolutely ridiculous! In case you were wondering, I still find heavy breathers bothersome, but since I have been blessed with a heavy breathing Golden Retriever as a companion I have had to let it go. Other ridiculous pet peeves of mine include people who do not properly dress for the occasion in which they are attending (pajamas are NOT public attire, much like tights are NOT pants), teenagers who behave inappropriately in public (and sadly it turns out I will reprimand them in my teacher voice at Target), people who use their cell phones in the middle of a conversation with someone, or at dinner, or at the movies (if you would prefer to converse with your cell phone please do so alone, I do not need to be there for it), and lastly (this one is truly asinine) when someone tries to eat lunch or dinner foods for breakfast (you can eat breakfast all day, but I find it odd to eat buffalo wings for breakfast and honestly I don’t know why). Those are just some of the things that really irk me in general. But as of late I have to say I have a whole new list of pet peeves related to Hodg.

I recognize that I am seeking a divorce from Hodg, so I may be overly sensitive to the qualities he demonstrates that make me crazy. Like any relationship, your partner has qualities that irritate and may be even exasperate you. You either learn to live with them, accept them, hope perhaps it’s a phase, attempt to be less than subtle about them so change can occur, agree to disagree, or realize that the relationship may be destined to go up in flames. Hodge and I were always going to result in epic failure, so it’s no surprise that I am constantly annoyed by everything he does. The mere fact he still exists is provocation enough. He is utterly the most demanding partner I’ve ever had. He requires attention, I just don’t have time for. I should acknowledge I have also broken up with several men over the years who are needy, I can’t stand a needy man. And Hodg always wants me to attend to his needs first; he’s completely selfish. In order to get rid of him, I have to put in a significant amount of effort and much like our entire relationship thus far, he just expects that I don’t mind the biweekly appointments and running behind schedule. I actually had to wait for 13 and half hours yesterday at an appointment to deal with him; now that is absurd and exhausting to say the least. I like to run a tight ship and am annoyed when Hodg throws me off schedule, so needless to say I was less than a happy camper yesterday when I arrived at Dana Farber at 7am to leave at 8:30 pm. Like I said Hodg is selfish and doesn’t consider that I may have had better things to do. As if that isn’t enough for me to want to leave his ass, he has started to effect my appearance. You know when people enter a relationship sometimes they get comfortable put on a few pounds, stop putting in the effort they did in the beginning (another pet peeve I have only because I think it’s important to the relationship to want to impress your significant other), well even though I hate Hodg that was not the situation. However, he has caused me recently to gain weight (as a result of my sometimes functioning or not functioning thyroid), get moon face (a puffy face and neck) and develop a barely noticeable buffalo hump (a side effect of the prednisone). And yes, I said buffalo hump. Not even the least bit attractive. Granted all temporary, but still unflattering and just down right annoying. I have left better men for less and yet Hodg it appears I am stuck with for awhile longer. The latest news however is that we are currently at a standstill in regard to our divorce proceedings. I have only had one mediation session (treatment) since my last update and based on the evaluator there has been no progression (which is awesome) but no ultimate change. So alas I have to continue to deal with Hodg and hopefully he doesn’t develop more attributes to add to my ever burgeoning list of pet peeves!


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves”

  1. Oh Krista……I always love reading your posts and I absolutely love your attitude BUT I have to disagree with one of your pet peeves.
    🙂 Cold Pizza has always worked for breakfast and if Kelly is home and there is leftover Chee’s in the refridge……….she is definitely going to have it for breakfast
    lol…..l love you sweetie


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